Teiraa is the protagonist of Phantasmagia.

Biography Edit

Teiraa finds herself stranded in a strange world, only having her violent instincts to rely on. Despite her strength and abilities, she's very naive and often doesn't think of repercussions. Not much is known about her homeworld, other than it is void of all light. Teiraa is resistant to learn new things but eventually sees the benefits. Needless to say, she's incredibly overwhelmed with the changes to her senses but will stop at nothing to complete her goal.

Personality Edit


  • Destroying void anomalies: You might think she was designed for this sole intention.
  • Bugs: For some reason, they flock to her. She likes them.
  • Scrap-booking: For lack of a great memory, he enjoys taking photographs and arranging them in his many scrapbooks. He uses more glitter than he'd care to admit.
  • Cooking and baking: If his life had been different, Bastion thinks he'd have most likely been a chef. While he usually cooks for one, he gets the most joy out of cooking for others.


  • Disloyalty: Though his career, he's been stabbed in the back numerous times. He believes it's because he's too trusting.
  • Impoliteness: Interrupting and disrespecting others is a sure way to get on his bad side.
  • Uncomfortable clothing: For the first few years of his service, Bastion had to wear clothing that didn't exactly fit his body shape. Thankfully, he's had his suits custom tailored now.
  • Hot weather: With all the layers of clothing he has to wear, nothing makes him sadder than a hot day.

Abilities Edit

  • Durability: As a prism golem, Bastion's skin is harder than diamond.
  • Immense Physical Strength: Capable of lifting in excess of 5 tons (10,000 lbs).
  • Strategic Genius: Graduated the top of his officer class. A decade of commanding battles has perfected his abilities.
  • Crystal Generation: Bastion can generate and manipulate crystals from the ground beneath him to act as a shield or weapon.