Penelope is a party member in Phantasmagia.


Penelope is an antisocial librarian who is usually behind a book. Promoted to Empress of The Grand Library at 20, she spends most of her time managing the facility. Not much is known about her because she never says more than a couple words about herself, and is rarely interested in having conversations.

It is rumored there is a hidden floor in the library that contains catalytic knowledge forbidden by the government. There was once an internal investigation, but nothing was found. The public originally rejected Penelope's practice of the Dark Arts, however opinions have shifted recently & tabloids are partially attributing this to her influence.


If you've met Penelope, there's a pretty good chance Penelope doesn't like you.




  • Eidetic Memory: Penelope can recall every book she's read, regardless of length.
  • Adept Mage: In terms of her abilities in The Dark Arts, illusion & destruction are her forte.
  • Extensive Knowledge: It could be said no living person is better versed on Phantasmagia's history & current events than Penelope, perhaps not even The Duality.
  • Flight: Though she only reveals them occasionally, her powerful wings can carry her into the air quickly.