Lennistrad is a party member in Phantasmagia.

Biography Edit

In a past life, Lennistrad was a loser. He was born to a crumbling house that lost its nobility during his formative years. Only thanks to his father's connections was he able to secure knighthood. Unfortunately having no major lord to serve, Lennistrad had to sell himself as a mercenary and took part in everything from petty squabbles between local factions to colossal battles between nations.

Being exposed to death so early on caused Lennistrad to have a rather melancholy view of life. Eventually his story ended quite fittingly, when he was crushed under the fallen horse of a mighty warlord. Or so it was for thousands of years, until circumstances beyond his control cause him to reluctantly return into the fray.

Personality Edit


  • Smoking: Particularly a brand that went out of existence millennia ago. He substitutes this by rolling his own cigarettes using available herbs with similar taste.
  • Waxing his armor: Perhaps his most valuable possession. Lennistrad takes great pride in shining it & regards it as a emotional catharsis.
  • Gambling: Goes to show that even after death, old habits die hard. He's not a very lucky gambler.
  • Wood carving: Lennistrad began wood carving as a child. He learned from his house steward and quickly took a liking to it. If things had gone differently, he would've liked to be a woodworker.


  • Suddenly being alive: Rather self explanatory, isn't it?
  • Carrion birds: The true bane of the living dead. They tend to peck at his head.
  • Mornings: Somehow the sun still hurts his eyes. After all those years of darkness, maybe even more than it used to.

Abilities Edit

  • Immortality: Due to his unnatural state, Lennistrad cannot be killed in the conventional sense and will not age as long as his spirit continues to have a vessel. It is worth noting that is not indestructible and requires a physical form to exist in the world.
  • Above Average Agility: Comparative to his size, Lennistrad is deceptively quick due to his light weight.
  • Limitless Stamina: Lennistrad does not get exhaustion through physical activity, though his mind still requires sleep to rest. He requires little sleep and can go long without resting.
  • Trained Swordsman: As a former hedge knight, Lennistrad is a veteran warrior and skilled combatant.