The Líbrerienne were first found by The Old God approximately 2,300 years ago. Their arrival occured contemporaneously with the construction of The Grand Library. The history of the two are extensively intertwined.


Immediately upon their entry into Phantasmagia, the Líbrerienne were indoctrinated by The Old God. They were taught everything necessary to ensure the library was maintained properly for an eternity. Since then, most live quiet lives, only leaving to visit civilization during their off-shift hours.

What pre-Phantasmagia historical evidence may exist on the Líbrerienne is rumored to inhabit the furthest depths of The Grand Library. Admittance, even to most Líbrerienne, is strictly forbidden.


Líbrerienne are singularly gendered & newborns arrive only when an adult has died. This ensures that the proper number of Líbrerienne are active at all times, no more and no less.

Powerful wings allow quick travel through the labyrinthian aisles of The Grand Library. The more senior the Líbrerienne is, the more magnificent the wingspan.