Kiradouji is a party member in Phantasmagia.


Kiradouji is the product of long-term, clandestine experiments. Considered the first perfect chimera, she was the product of a particularly gifted scientific team within the laboratory. The chaos in her eventual escape unintentionally caused the death of her creators, the destruction of their research documents and the total erosion of her memories.

Kiradouji fled 50 miles south, arriving at a small village constantly terrorized by the failed chimera experiments that G.C. discarded. Kiradouji protected the village in return for offerings of food (& the occasional jewelry). Because of her, the village has grown into a decently sized town. Kiradouji is beginning to piece the puzzle together about exactly who & what she is.



  • Her village: It's her first place to call home. She enjoys her subjects as well.
  • Exercise: 1000 bench press reps, 1000 situps, 1000 crunches and 1000 squats.
  • Music: A relatively recent discovery. She finds it has a calming effect.
  • Fighting & Hunting: Combat is when Kiradouji feels most comfortable, it comes naturally.


  • Her creators: As much as she remembers of them, at least.
  • Weakness: Survival of the fittest is the law of the land.
  • Leafy food: Not a very big fan of eating her greens.


  • Peak Agility: Due to her genetic composition, she can reach 50 miles per hour at a sprint.
  • Peak Physical Strength: Capable of lifting in excess of 2,500 lbs.
  • Master Hunter: Kiradouji has never lost a target thanks to her enhanced instincts.
  • Extreme Metabolism: The calories required to properly fuel her would easily bankrupt a chain restaurant.