The Indoctrinated is a name given to those fully turned by the effects of the violet plague. These infected persons are considered class 0 non-sentient beings; as such they are to be elminated with extreme prejudice.


While the violet plague is hypothesized to have begun its spread earlier, the first true sighting of an Indoctrinated person occurred 12 years ago in Gutter Ridge. The local community fought off a small outbreak & survived quarantine, unfortunately further Indoctrinated were soon spotted in desolate regions of Phantasmagia.

The Duality declared total war on the Indoctrinated one year after the incident in Gutter Ridge. Extermination campaigns have had middling success during the past decade, with improving guerrilla warfare on the side of Indoctrinated proving troublesome for military commanders. Eventually General Bastion devised specific strategies that turned the tide of the offensive, though the overall death toll on either side has since risen.


Indoctrinated biology is dependent on the host that the violet plague infects. Some physical traits such as a viscous outer sludge & noxious pustules are seen universally. Pain receptors are burned out in the subject's central nucleus which allows them to withstand significant damage. Further stages of biological development are presumed to exist as populations appear to cycle out elder Indoctrinated once new infectees arrive at a nest. Attempts to track these subjects to their destination & observe the purpose of this strange activity has repeatedly ended in failure.

The disease cannot infect elemental, undead or mechanical beings traditionally, though it may still pose an environmental hazard for such species through destruction of surrounding biomatter. Enlistment & deployment of previously mentioned species as ground forces have been encouraged by top military brass, however, community reactions regarding this proposal have been mixed to negative.