Known to scholars as the first ancestral people, the Hikareti were the first sentient species in Phantasmagia. The civilization vanished at a certain point of prehistory with little to no artifactual evidence remaining that may explain the cause.


It is not known whether they truly originated in Phantasmagia or arrived from elsewhere as is the case with all other known species. The Hikareti were a bipedal insectoid race of warriors, architects & artists that fought amongst themselves for several millennia. Most history has been deciphered through archaeological evidence, however recent developments may allow more detailed information to surface.


Though the Hikareti were a sturdy people with chitinous exoskeletons in combination with metallic endoskeletons, their physical attributes were fairly average in comparison with modern Phantasmagia at large. It's believed, though unsubstantiated, that antennae may have allowed nonverbal communication through an unknown mechanism.