Elementals are an exceedingly powerful & esoteric race in which no single individual is alike. Their initial time of arrival in Phantasmagia is uncertain as references to their kind can be found in even the most ancient texts within The Grand Library.


Unlike many species that find themselves within Phantasmagia, elementals have never congregated or gathered together in communities. A centralized history of this species is sporadic & spotty due to their general preference for isolation. If motivated, elementals can successfully integrate into Phantasmagia's society quite well.

While nearly all species enter Phantasmagia en masse or in short bursts, only a single elemental arrives per wormhole. The point of impact is stamped by a complex diagram that tend to get excavated & sold at exotic art galleries. Portions of the iconography have been deciphered by the Líbrerienne, however further study is required.


All documented elemental entries are still growing within a chrysalis upon arrival and each period of gestation varies. Dense, dull, smooth and white in color, these pods begin to metamorphose outwardly & manifest the element they will eventually embody. For example, a fire elemental once unintentionally burned down an entire forest before they were even born.

Total & absolute control of their respective element comes naturally and can be further improved with practice. There are theories stating that all elementals have a similar central core or more controversially, that they are not, in fact, alive at all. Lack of willing research subjects has left this all up to debate.