Chubats are opportunistic predatory beasts in Phantasmagia. Though they pose a health & safety hazard, most are very easily scared away from populated areas & will behave docilely in smaller numbers.


A large colony of Chubats was first discovered by a hero during the era of The Old God, 1,800 years ago. The stories tell that he arrived back into town, almost completely exsanguinated, warning citizens about a swarm of flying monsters. A local Elemental was ordered to clear out the cavern using their caustic powers to eliminate wide swaths of Chubats. Unfortunately, during the extermination, there was a massive internal collapse within the cave & all inside were declared lost. Since this event, the species has mostly resettled to remote locations.

A few Chubat appear in different issues of the Phantasmagia Comic. In their first appearance, Charles encounters a lone friendly Chubat traversing through the woods. In a less amicable interaction, Wendelier unintentionally startled an unsuspecting Chubat during her youth roughly 400 years ago.


Using a combination of hypnosis, biting & powerful internal suction, Chubats are capable of draining half a pint with a single "kiss". The hypnotic effect of their retinas will lull their prey into a false sense of adoration for the Chubat, making resisting & escaping more difficult. Species without liquid blood will find the Chubat stubbornly attempts feeding regardless, as their ferocity & hunger drives them.