Charles is a party member in Phantasmagia.


Charles works as a Royal Investigator for the Palace. While this title sounds pretty impressive, his usual duties are mostly just busy work for King Kamaal and Queen Mysha. Despite having a relatively low level position Charles strives to move upward in his professional career, he hopes to one day open his own sanctioned private detective agency. Unfortunately, he seems to be mostly assigned to monotonous desk work and beverage runs for his superiors.

Charles is the first person to find Teiraa after she makes her arrival in his world. Now he reluctantly acts as her guide to this foreign land.



  • Mystery Novels: There's never been a case that Charles hasn't successfully solved before the final page. He often visits The Grand Library to find new selections.
  • Gossip: Information is power and Charles loves getting the details. It's also nice to socialize!
  • Solving problems: If it was up to Charles, he would try to help everyone with their issues.
  • Cleaning: His spray bottle of cleaning fluid is a necessity, especially when his visor gets dirty.


  • Bullies: Both personally and professionally, he's had his fair share of bullies.
  • Arguements: Charles is the quintessential peacemaker.
  • Scary things: While he's tried courageously to steel his nerves, creepy things are still his achilles heel.


  • Experienced Investigator: Trained at the Royal Academy with average grades, he's learned as he's progressed in his career.
  • Local Connections: Charles has an impressive collection of contacts & confidants throughout Phantasmagia.
  • Pheromonal Expression: Through interpretive dance, Charles can release different pheromonal chemicals that incite various different emotional reactions.