Bastion is a party member in Phantasmagia.

Biography Edit

A war hero & once proud soldier. Bastion is disillusioned with his military service and deeply regrets the multitude of atrocities that he allowed to occur during his tenure. A cushy, early retirement seemed to be in Bastion's future until the chance to truly do something heroic drove him to go AWOL. Despite being well spoken & self confident, he's aware that most people find him to be rather boring. Bastion strives to be as good of a person as the public believes him to be & encounters significant inner turmoil during his journey.

Personality Edit


  • Light novels: Romance and adventure novels are his favorite, they help break the tedium.
  • Military stratagem: Trained since his youth, Bastion can't help but love constructing strategies. He often will write pieces critiquing older generals, which has earned him some ire.
  • Scrap-booking: For lack of a great memory, he enjoys taking photographs and arranging them in his many scrapbooks. He uses more glitter than he'd care to admit.
  • Cooking and baking: If his life had been different, Bastion thinks he'd have most likely been a chef. While he usually cooks for one, he gets the most joy out of cooking for others.


  • Disloyalty: Though his career, he's been stabbed in the back numerous times. He believes it's because he's too trusting.
  • Impoliteness: Interrupting and disrespecting others is a sure way to get on his bad side.
  • Uncomfortable clothing: For the first few years of his service, Bastion had to wear clothing that didn't exactly fit his body shape. Thankfully, he's had his suits custom tailored now.
  • Hot weather: With all the layers of clothing he has to wear, nothing makes him sadder than a hot day.

Abilities Edit

  • Durability: As a prism golem, Bastion's skin is harder than diamond.
  • Immense Physical Strength: Capable of lifting in excess of 5 tons (10,000 lbs).
  • Strategic Genius: Graduated the top of his officer class. A decade of commanding battles has perfected his abilities.
  • Crystal Generation: Bastion can generate and manipulate crystals from the ground beneath him to act as a shield or weapon.